Mister Prakan: is it legit? my review on the Thailand Insurance.

In this article I am going to share with you my personal review about Mister Prakan, one the most famous insurance broker in Thailand. Is Mister Prakan legit? Can you trust them? I will answer those questions in this article, and I will also share my personal experience.


What is Mister Prakan?

Mister Prakan is an Insurance Brokerage located in Thailand. Their website is www.misterprakan.com and They provide general Insurance for individuals, families, companies and expatriates in Thailand.

Mr Prakan work with over 20 different insurance companies and they provide a variety of solutions: Health insurance, travel insurance, retirement, motorbike, car, condo, accident, dental insurance and so many more.

Basically Mister Prakan is a comparison site for all types of insurance. Wether you are a tourist, an expat, a digital nomad or a retiree in Thailand, their goal is to help you find the best insurance deal for Thailand.

If you want to compare the best insurance prices with Mister Prakan, click here.

My experience with Mister Prakan

I personally started to use Mister Prakan in 2020, when I moved to Thailand and I was looking for a reliable insurance, both for my health and for my motorbike.

I love to ride my motorbike, but Thailand is one of the most dangerous countries to ride a motorbike, so I started to look for a solid insurance.

Me riding my motorcycle in Patong beach, Phuket.

I did a little bit of research online, I asked a few friends, and everything was pointing me to Mister Prakan website. So I decided to give it a go, I insert my personal details and I compared the best insurances for Thailand.

To be honest, I was very surprised to see how many options they gave me, and how many insurance companies were available on the website, from the cheapest one, to the more premium ones.

Mister Prakan insurance options

After carefully checking different options, I ended up buying an Allianz policy for my health, medical and travel insurance. And for my motorbike, I bought an LMG policy, which will cover myself, my bike and any third parties, in case of an accident.

The process was extremely smooth and efficient, I paid with my debit card online, and within few minutes I received the insurance policy via E-mail. I also had a couple of questions and I decided to ring the office and ask them directly over the phone. In case you need it, Mister Prakan phone number is +66 02 114 8159

Since then, I renewed my Allianz and LMG policies every year and I also recommended the website to many of my friends here in Thailand.

Is Mister Prakan legit?

Is Mister Prakan a legit company? should you trust them? should you buy an insurance policy from them?

As I said before, Mister Prakan is not an insurance company, but simply an insurance brokerage. The job of Mister Prakan is to compare and find the best insurance that will meet your needs here while you are in Thailand.

Once you find the right insurance for you, the policy will be stipulated directly with one of the big insurance brands, such as Allianz, Tune protect, MSIG, LMG, AXA, Pacific Cross and so on.

So I would say that there Is nothing to worry about, because your policy is with those big insurance companies.

But here comes the good part, which I personally really like. In case of emergency, it can be challenging to get in touch with those big insurance companies. But because you bought the policy through Mister Prakan, you can always contact their customer service and get additional support from them. This is why I believe is very helpful to get a broker, because you will get additional help and support in case of emergency.

So is Mister Prakan legit? my answer is yes. I have been using them for more than 2 years now and I have recommended their website to many people.

I spoke with them over the phone, I sent them several emails, I chat with them over line. And I was always very impressed with their service and professionalism.

One of my friend that also uses Mister Prakan (He has a Tune Protect policy) unfortunately had a scooter accident few months ago here in Phuket. He had to go to the hospital, and he didn’t spend a single dollar for the treatment, as everything was taken care by his insurance.

If you want to compare the best insurance prices with Mister Prakan, click here.

Mister Prakan Reviews

Let’s talk now about Mister Prakan reviews, because many people online are looking for legit reviews of this Insurance brokerage in Thailand.

Well, for sure this article is already one review, because I am sharing my own personal experience, which has been very positive.

Here you can find some additional reviews that I found on the internet, by looking for Mister Prakan reviews:

  • I called many insurance companies and brokers during my search for health insurance provider. I found that Mister Prakan gave me very good insight, especially my agent (her name is Mady) who was very helpful and knowledgeable. Info I got helped me make a better decision amidst the myriads of choices out there.

That’s the beauty of going through a broker, esp. when you don’t know what provider to pick. Since brokers offer plans from many providers, they will give you info on different providers out there without preference. At least it was like that for my experience.” – Patra Jankovic

  • Mister Prakan is the most helpful insurance broker I’ve ever been worked with. Their follow-up and communication are very fast and accurate, an example for others” – Tom Knevels

  • I have many questions about the insurance product and Mister Prakan has answered all of them and made me confident about the product I was going to buy. I appreciate their help in any insurance matter, their assistance was a big help.” – Dan Astrom

  • Mister Prakan has helped me sort out my insurance when I first arrived in Thailand. I just applied online and sent them some requirements and they did everything for me from then on. It was quick and easy. They also help out with claims and other problems we may have and I think that’s the best part about buying through them. They’ve been really helpful.” – Emma Vanlooy

  • I’m always getting very professional service for my health insurance. Im always getting all the updates, replies and support that I need.” – Leyla Mayko

Does Mister Prakan have negative reviews and feedback? I am sure it does. Every company and business in the world has customer complaints, problems and negative reviews.

But as I said before, their customer service is really good and the most important thing is that they work with BIG INSURANCE companies, which you can trust and rely on.

Mr Prakan Insurance options

Mister Prakan offers many insurance options. From health insurance, to retirement insurance, accident, dental, motorbike, car, accident, and so much more. I am going to share them all with you right now.

Travel + Medical Insurance for Thailand (the most popular)

This Insurance is ideal for tourists visiting Thailand. Travel + Health insurance for foreigners entering Thailand. You can click here to compare the price and choose the best insurance policy. I personally recommend to consider Allianz or Tune Protect, both are great.

Health Insurance (Ideal for Expats and Retiree)

This options is great for Expats living in Thailand, such as Retiree, Digital nomads and all the foreigners living in Thailand long term. You can click here to compare the best health insurance packages. After you insert your sex, age and email address, you will immediately be shown many insurance policies with different prices and packages. Pacific Cross is one of the most popular option among Retiree and expats.

Global Insurance

This option is Ideal if you are visiting different countries, and not only Thailand. This insurance will cover you all around the world. Worry free. By clicking here, Mister Prakan will ask you “where are you traveling from”, your year of birth, nationality, starting date of the Insurance and immediately you will receive a quote.

The insurance company that Mister Prakan recommends in this case is ALLIANZ GLOBAL. Is the one that I personally use and it’s great.

Motorbike Insurance Thailand

This option is ideal if you own a Scooter or Motorbike in Thailand. Be careful! because this insurance is valid only if you own the scooter or motorbike, NOT if you rent one. In case you want to rent, it’s better if you consider an “Accident Insurance” or “Travel/Medical Insurance”. I personally use LMG insurance for my motorbike and I am happy with it.

Car Insurance Thailand

This option is ideal if you own a Car or Truck in Thailand. Be careful! because this insurance is valid only if you own a Car or Truck in Thailaone, NOT if you rent one. In case you want to rent, it’s better if you consider an “Accident Insurance” or “Travel/Medical Insurance”

Accident Insurance

Personal Accident insurance is different from Health Insurance. Health Insurance will cover you for any illness or accident while Personal Accident Insurance will only cover you for accidents. In the event that the insured will suffer an accident or disability. The insurance company will give a cash benefit to the insured or to the beneficiary. Some Personal Accident Insurance policies also have cover for Medical expenses should an accident occur.

Dental Insurance Thailand

There are 6 types of coverage included in Dental coverage, please see the benefits of the dental plans below. You can click here and see all the options available for you.

Home & Condo Insurance Thailand

Home and Condo Insurance covers both structural damages to your home space and furniture and belongings inside your home. Coverage against all potential risks. This type of insurance will also provide additional coverage against burglaries and damages that are made as well as third party liabilities.

Insurance Malaysia

If you are traveling to Malaysia, Mister Prakan has a package for you.

Insurance Philippines

If you are traveling to the Philippines, Mister Prakan has a package for you.

Insurance Vietnam

If you are traveling to Vietnam, Mister Prakan has a package for you.

Insurance Indonesia

If you are traveling to Indonesia, Mister Prakan has a package for you.


Alright, we made it to the end of this article about Mister Prakan. Is Mister Prakan Legitimate? Should you trust them? well, I hope I have answered those questions for you.

Personally, I am a satisfied customer of Mister Prakan and I will continue to be a customer as long as I live in Thailand. Down below you can find their official website, and I sincerely hope that this article was valuable for your and provided an answer to your questions.

Official website of Mister Prakan: www.misterprakan.com

If you want to compare the best insurance prices with Mister Prakan, click here.

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