Best Travel Insurance for Thailand

In this article I am going to share with you what I believe is the Best Travel Insurance for Thailand. We are going to discover what is a travel insurance, Why you need a Travel Insurance for Thailand, which one is the best, which one is the cheapest and finally I am going to share with you a great website to compare the best insurances for Thailand, and pick the right one for you.

So let’s begin. ;)


What is a Travel Insurance?

Thailand is a dream destination for many of us: White sand beaches, tropical nature, incredible temples, extraordinary culture, amazing people, delicious food, fun nightlife, relaxing massages, and so much more. But once we are in Thailand, it’s so easy to turn our DREAM into a NIGHTMARE.

While we hope and pray that nothing is going to happen to us, we need to be smarter and wiser, and protect ourselves (and our families) from any potential issues.

That’s why I believe that Travel Insurance is a must for anyone traveling to Thailand. Is not an option, is a must.

But let’s take a quick step back, and see together what is a Travel Insurance?

A travel Insurance is a policy that will pay for any accident during your holiday in Thailand. There are a lot of things that can happen that are out of our control. For example falling ill, having an accident, losing the luggage, etc.

A good travel insurance will cover you for Surgery and hospitalization, medical treatments, consultations, laboratory analysis, covid-19, urgent dental care, repatriation, Early return following the death of a member of the close family, Legal assistance, Issues with the Law, Damage to property, Loss of Luggage, etc.

If you want to compare the best insurance prices for Thailand, click here.

Why you need a Travel Insurance for Thailand

If you love Thailand as much as I do, you can easily find hundreds of positive things about this great country. But when it comes to negative things, we can’t ignore the fact that Thailand has the highest number of road accidents in the world.

Driving in Thailand is extremely dangerous, and unfortunately is very dangerous even if you don’t drive, but you simply walk on the side of the street, or you do a roadtrip on a bus, minivan or speedboat.

Thousands of people die each year on the roads of Thailand. But it’s not only about road accidents. Each year many foreigners get food poisoning, injuries, have accidents, get ill, etc.

The best way to be safe for unforeseen expenses and medical bills is to be insured. There are so many stories about travellers getting stuck in a place that is not their home because of huge medical bills they cannot pay.

The hospital and medical treatments in Thailand can get extremely expensive. And if you don’t have money to pay the bills, they will hold your passport until you can collect the money from family or friends.

This is the simple reason why we need a travel insurance for Thailand. Anything can happen in the Land of Smiles, and we need to be covered for it.

My girlfriends unfortunately few months ago had a bad scooter accident in Phuket. The ambulance brought her to the hospital, over few days she changed 3 different hospitals and the final bill was extremely expensive. Luckily she had an insurance that paid in advance for the entire medical expense, otherwise we would have been in serious financial troubles.

My girlfriend at Bangkok Hospital in Phuket, after a bad scooter accident.

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Best Travel Insurance for Thailand

So what are the best Travel Insurance policies for Thailand? I have 3 suggestions for you.

1. Buy a travel Insurance from your home country.

Many people decide to buy their travel and medical insurance from their home country, whether is USA, Europe, Australia, UK, India or anywhere else.

This could be a good option as often those insurance policies have a high coverage and they protect you for many things. But the downside is that those policies ofter are expensive and overpriced.

2. Buy a Thailand based Travel insurance. (Axa, Allianz, Tune Protect)

The second option is to buy a travel insurance from a Thailand based company. The most popular here are AXA, Tune Protect and Allianz.

Of course those are global insurances, but they also have Thailand branches that can cover you in Thailand.

You can click here to compare the best Thailand Insurances and choose the right one for you.

3. Nomad wings or Allianz Global.

Those are 2 great companies that provide a Global Travel Insurance, including Thailand. I would recommend you to choose this option if you are planning to visit other countries in addition to Thailand.

Nomad Wings and Allianz Global will cover you anywhere you during your trip.

Cheapest Travel Insurance for Thailand

In order to find the cheapest travel insurance for Thailand, I suggest you to compare all the prices on Mister Prakan Website, by clicking here.

Mister Prakan is a Thailand Insurance Broker, and it offers many insurance options for you to compare. From health insurance, to retirement insurance, accident, dental, motorbike, car, accident, and so much more. I am going to share them all with you right now.

Travel + Medical Insurance for Thailand (the most popular)

This Insurance is ideal for tourists visiting Thailand. Travel + Health insurance for foreigners entering Thailand. You can click here to compare the price and choose the best insurance policy. I personally recommend to consider Allianz or Tune Protect, both are great.

Health Insurance (Ideal for Expats and Retiree)

This options is great for Expats living in Thailand, such as Retiree, Digital nomads and all the foreigners living in Thailand long term. You can click here to compare the best health insurance packages. After you insert your sex, age and email address, you will immediately be shown many insurance policies with different prices and packages. Pacific Cross is one of the most popular option among Retiree and expats.

Global Insurance

This option is Ideal if you are visiting different countries, and not only Thailand. This insurance will cover you all around the world. Worry free. By clicking here, Mister Prakan will ask you “where are you traveling from”, your year of birth, nationality, starting date of the Insurance and immediately you will receive a quote.

The insurance company that Mister Prakan recommends in this case is ALLIANZ GLOBAL. Is the one that I personally use and it’s great.

Motorbike Insurance Thailand

This option is ideal if you own a Scooter or Motorbike in Thailand. Be careful! because this insurance is valid only if you own the scooter or motorbike, NOT if you rent one. In case you want to rent, it’s better if you consider an “Accident Insurance” or “Travel/Medical Insurance”. I personally use LMG insurance for my motorbike and I am happy with it.

Car Insurance Thailand

This option is ideal if you own a Car or Truck in Thailand. Be careful! because this insurance is valid only if you own a Car or Truck in Thailaone, NOT if you rent one. In case you want to rent, it’s better if you consider an “Accident Insurance” or “Travel/Medical Insurance”

Accident Insurance

Personal Accident insurance is different from Health Insurance. Health Insurance will cover you for any illness or accident while Personal Accident Insurance will only cover you for accidents. In the event that the insured will suffer an accident or disability. The insurance company will give a cash benefit to the insured or to the beneficiary. Some Personal Accident Insurance policies also have cover for Medical expenses should an accident occur.

Dental Insurance Thailand

There are 6 types of coverage included in Dental coverage, please see the benefits of the dental plans below. You can click here and see all the options available for you.

Home & Condo Insurance Thailand

Home and Condo Insurance covers both structural damages to your home space and furniture and belongings inside your home. Coverage against all potential risks. This type of insurance will also provide additional coverage against burglaries and damages that are made as well as third party liabilities.

Insurance Malaysia

If you are traveling to Malaysia, Mister Prakan has a package for you.

Insurance Philippines

If you are traveling to the Philippines, Mister Prakan has a package for you.

Insurance Vietnam

If you are traveling to Vietnam, Mister Prakan has a package for you.

Insurance Indonesia

If you are traveling to Indonesia, Mister Prakan has a package for you.


Here we are at the end of this article, where I shared the Best Travel Insurance for Thailand. Personally, I use Allianz Global through Mister Prakan, and I am very happy with that.

For you, it’s important to consider: what needs do you have? Are you only traveling to Thailand or are you also going somewhere else? How much you want to be covered for?

The best way is to compare all the insurances available on the market and then choose the best one for you.

If you want to compare the best insurance prices with Mister Prakan, click here.

Thank you for reading this article and I wish you a safe and fun trip to Thailand.